Healthcare Law

The PBY&A team helps healthcare organizations understand complex laws and navigate disputes.

From government compliance and technology to employment and contracting, there are many moving parts to healthcare. These complexities require robust planning and policy implementation as well as litigation assistance. The healthcare attorneys at PBY&A are experienced in this industry and help healthcare organizations succeed with any legal matter.


The healthcare industry has a unique set of compliance requirements that institutions need to follow and use to create policies. The attorneys at PBY&A assist healthcare organizations with governance structuring and planning, helping to ensure they comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Legal requirements ensure that healthcare organizations are not engaging in fraud or abuse, and these regulations must be understood and followed closely. With the help of our experienced attorneys, healthcare companies will have the right policies and practices in place.

Information technology is driving modern healthcare service delivery. This means there is more data to secure and monitor than ever before, which takes careful planning and consideration. The team at PBY&A can help organizations put best practices in place.

Our healthcare attorneys help organizations with all aspects of contracts, whether with individuals or other organizations. We provide assistance in negotiations and review and make certain the goals and best interests of the organization are represented.

Healthcare organizations and their staff have to deal with a range of licensing requirements, certifications, and accreditations to operate safely and legally. Getting legal help ensures these entities acquire everything they need and obtain guidance and best practices along the way.

The world of healthcare experiences a multitude of mergers and acquisitions. These matters can be complicated, especially with large organizations. The attorneys at PBY&A are ready to help businesses navigate this complex process.

Our healthcare lawyers help healthcare entities with payor contracts, whether they’re dealing with patients, government agencies, or insurance companies.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities employ many types of physicians, healthcare providers, and executives, all of whom are part of the overall corporate compensation structure. Employment issues may arise, such as discrimination lawsuits or pay disputes. The team at PBY&A is experienced in handling these complicated matters.

Real estate disputes can quickly make their way into the healthcare industry when property conflicts arise. Our attorneys can also help organizations review and negotiate contracts and navigate the real estate contract process.

The expert healthcare attorneys at PBY&A help hospitals, clinics, and other providers navigate complex laws, including fraud, abuse, and professional practice laws, so they are always in compliance.

There are many levels of transactions and relationships within the healthcare sphere, and specific tax laws govern much of what takes place financially and with compliance. The attorneys at PBY&A are experienced in tax planning for healthcare companies and we can offer guidance in creating better policies and procedures.


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