Our firm is committed to helping businesses and individuals with a range of issues so they are set up for a better future.

PBY&A’s litigation attorneys are committed to resolving complex disputes with common-sense solutions. Our firm has a proven track record in resolving all types of business disputes, representing clients as plaintiffs and defendants in civil, commercial, and complex commercial litigation matters, both in state and federal courts and at the trial and appellate levels.


Some legal matters don’t require litigation and instead benefit from ADR methods such as arbitration and mediation. Arbitration is simply a means of dispute resolution where the parties fix their own terms to govern how their dispute is going to be resolved. Mediation is a private, informal meeting between at least two parties who want assistance resolving a conflict. Both avenues help the parties find a solution while avoiding a long and often complicated litigation process.
Businesses may want to reap the benefits of blockchain technology, but there are new regulations and policies emerging in this rapidly evolving space. PBY&A guides business clients through disputes related to these emerging technologies, including digital currencies and assets.
Businesses may need commercial litigation services when facing contract disputes, employment disputes, securities matters, antitrust cases, class action lawsuits, and other scenarios. When a business is dealing with a lawsuit, the attorneys at PBY&A are skilled in guidance and representation to resolve these matters while fighting for their client’s best interests.
Class-action lawsuits take place when many plaintiffs come together against another party. These disputes are often complex and take a long time to resolve. Our attorneys can help with these matters on either side of the issue.
We provide services for companies or individuals who face criminal charges in state or federal court, whether related to business issues such as fraud or antitrust violations, or other charges like tax evasion or healthcare charges.
PBY&A attorneys assist clients with disputes, judgments, and awards that are based in other countries. We can help you understand your rights and the best steps to take moving forward.
When disputes span across countries, our team can assist business clients with international arbitration and litigation. Our international litigation attorneys help clients understand applicable regulations in multiple countries.
Labor and employment laws, both state and federal, change often. Discrimination, wage, and overtime laws need to be followed with robust internal policies. PBY&A walks employers through all regulations and will represent businesses in employment-related disputes.
Contested wills or trusts complicate the probate process. We represent individuals and businesses who are facing claims against fiduciaries or litigation related to probate, helping them resolve disputes according to their wishes.
Issues may arise surrounding non-compete or non-solicitation clauses with former employees when they fail to comply, or if another related dispute arises upon their exit. PBY&A delivers expert representation for businesses involved in these matters.
Technology in the world of telecommunications is constantly changing, and disputes may arise with software companies, cable and internet providers, wireless carriers, and other entities. Our team represents businesses in these matters and prioritizes their goals.
We represent clients in a range of white-collar disputes involving antitrust, privacy, tax charges, healthcare, fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, cybercrime, and more. We take on complicated cases that require expert investigation services.
PBY&A’s attorneys help clients identify and recover assets for their family members or business, whether assets are held by a financial institution, insurance company, or other entity. Our firm also delivers defense services in these matters.
Conflicts can arise quickly between partners or employees or over contracts. Our attorneys assist clients with a range of business disputes, whether related to agreements, fraud, intellectual property, trade secrets, tax and collections, or unfair competition.
Regulations surrounding the production, distribution, and use of cannabis are changing rapidly across the country. Our attorneys navigate business owners through local, state, and federal laws that govern the cannabis industry, as well as licensing, zoning, funding, and other requirements.
The attorneys at PBY&A are prepared to guide and represent businesses and individuals in disputes related to the construction industry. We provide owners, builders, or contractors with resolutions to their issues.
Any business practice that causes harm to a consumer through fraudulent or deceptive actions or statements may be considered an unfair trade practice. Our team can help businesses manage and resolve these complicated matters.
We represent financial service institutions in disputes with consumers or other entities. Clients may include credit card companies, banks, trustees, student loan companies, fintech, broker-dealers, and more.
Businesses commonly face infringement disputes related to intellectual property, including the enforcement and protection of a trademark, patent, trade secret, copyright, domain name, and other forms of intellectual property. The attorneys at PBY&A are poised to help.
Our attorneys help clients in the sports, entertainment, and media industries with disputes like contracts, content, infringement, unfair trade practices, licensing, torts, music, movies, publicity, copyright, and many more.
Many disputes surround property tax issues, which are complex and hard to resolve. Our team represents businesses in any related disputes in administrative appeals, hearings, and trials.
Property disputes may relate to breach of contract, negligence, breach of duty, boundary disputes, and more. Finding legal help ensures individuals and businesses are fighting for their best interests. The team at PBY&A is ready to represent clients in any real estate dispute.
Many types of disputes may go to trial or appeals court. These matters are complex, and going to court can be a long process. It’s important for businesses to be backed by experienced attorneys who will fight for their best interests and help them understand their rights.


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