Real Estate Law

PBY&A offers a wide range of expert, reliable services in real estate law.

There are many regulations, expenses, and risks involved with real estate transactions and negotiations. You need representation when you’re unsure how to resolve a commercial or residential property issue. You may be dealing with problems surrounding buying and selling, complying with laws and regulations, or document and contract preparation.

Whatever real estate matter you’re dealing with, work with an expert at PBY&A who can help you get the best outcome for your needs. We assist with commercial and residential issues, financing, litigation, association law, and more.


Regardless of what type of property you’re dealing with, our experts can help you with a variety of transactions and matters, including commercial and residential purchases and leasing, 1031 exchanges, due diligence and investigation, closing and settlement, lien law, and document drafting and negotiation.

Commercial transactions can be considerably more complicated since there are additional regulations and ordinances to take into account. Buying or selling a commercial property is made seamless with the help of the PBY&A team, who have decades of experience in managing these complex processes.

Several federal, state, and local laws govern construction, including workplace safety guidelines, employment laws, environmental regulations, zoning restrictions, and other ordinances. PBY&A attorneys are ready to help you navigate the ins and outs of construction law.

We work with developers and investors in hotels, restaurants, bars, and other hospitality sectors to help ensure the success of our clients’ investments.

Our expert team ensures that industrial, office, and retail transactions and investments are well supported and properly represented.

Real estate transactions involve title insurance companies and reinsurance for risk management. These are important yet complex matters that require expertise in insurance matters to be certain your interests are successfully represented.

Financing can be one of the most stressful parts of buying or selling a property. We help ensure that every piece of the financing process is successful and seamless, including loan document review, drafting, litigation, and planning.

Private real estate funds may be beneficial to some investors, but they also come with regulatory concerns that need to be carefully considered and followed. PBY&A real estate attorneys advise and assist those involved with private lending to understand implications and advantages.

REITs are trusts that own and operate real estate properties that produce income, including residential and commercial buildings, hospitality industry properties, retail centers, and others. Our real estate team is ready to assist you in these matters, whether you’re dealing with a public or private REIT.

Being a landlord requires close attention to detail when screening candidates or drafting lease agreements. We strive to make sure all your clients are adequately protected. PBY&A can help with the entire leasing process.

Real estate disputes are some of the most common, whether between tenants and landlords, buyers and sellers, or cities and developers. Turn to our real estate law team when you need effective and reliable representation.

There are many moving parts to real estate transactions, and you may need assistance with the behind-the-scenes due diligence, compliance, tax, or other operational concerns. We can help with a variety of real estate needs at PBY&A.

Property taxes are one of the most costly and confusing components of the real estate world. We are very experienced in ensuring our clients understand their tax obligations for commercial or residential properties as well as how tax works in real estate transactions. We can also assist with tax appeals or issues involving property tax assessments. Whatever your needs, the attorneys at PBY&A can help.

Homeownership is an exciting but overwhelming undertaking given the financial and legal considerations. We’re there for you every step of the way, from document review to negotiations to closing. Work with the team at PBY&A to get the support and representation you need for real estate transactions and disputes.


PBY&A is your trusted law firm, delivering big-firm results with boutique-level attention. Whatever business issue you’re facing, we can help you reach a resolution that works for you.

The PBY&A team is ready to help you. Reach out today to get started.