PBY&A’s experts will guide you over all your international legal hurdles.

International transactions often involve complex negotiations, trade disputes, and compliance concerns. Our international law team works to ensure you understand the latest trade regulations, international policies, international tax laws, and legal best practices so your business is positioned for success.


Business transactions like mergers and acquisitions are made more complicated when they are on an international scale. Rely on our expertise so negotiations go smoothly, your best interests and goals are met, and your business complies with applicable international regulations.
We help with international business structuring, including offshore entity formation. Laws seem to be ever-changing, and regulations are complicated when you are dealing with international governments alongside U.S. policies that may apply.
Private placements are closely governed by Regulation D of the Securities Act and can get complicated quickly. Get expert legal help from our international team, who can help you navigate these laws and manage other offshore securities issues.
Turn to the PBY&A international team when taking on a new international partnership or joint venture. We help with negotiations, international policies, litigation, and other areas to help you enter a solid deal and stay compliant.
Many countries have complex franchise laws, and licensing a business overseas takes time and expertise of local policies to avoid legal issues. Our team will guide you through the steps you need to take and the regulations you must follow in these endeavors.
One of the biggest concerns for international business is tax law. Regulations vary greatly by country, and you never want to make a mistake that could be costly. The international tax team at PBY&A is ready to help you navigate international tax laws so your business has the best strategy in place.
International real estate transactions must account for foreign country laws and policies as well as tax implications. Working with our team allows you to make the best real estate decisions for your business and understand what may be in store for the future.
Disputes are likely to arise in complex international transactions, negotiations, and deals. We offer guidance through any international business dispute and provide international arbitration services.
You need to protect your wealth as a nonresident, whether you are at the beginning of your estate planning process or need to make updates to your plan. We help your assets avoid probate and ensure your family’s future is secure.


PBY&A is your trusted law firm, delivering big-firm results with boutique-level attention. Whatever business issue you’re facing, we can help you reach a resolution that works for you.

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